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Before you consider having home visits think about 


Can your pet be left alone for lengthy periods? 

Will the Neighbours complain if they bark? 

Will they become anxious and try to escape? 

How will you feel if that occupy themselves by digging holes, eating your plants and outdoor furniture etc. (some have). 

Can you arrange additional occasional visits by friends or family especially in case of long time away? 

Should you organize one or two visits a day (in most cases dogs cope better with two but cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits are fine with one) 

Remember my costs are very low - I stay for 30 minutes for a home visit so think realistically how much you are expecting for this.  I will pop out bins and water a few plants and pick up poo and collect mail but most of my attention should be on your dog. 

I insist on meeting you and your beloved pets before you book me to ensure you like me, your pets like me and of course that we will all get along and additionally, that they will not be nervous when I enter their property. 

Don't base your decision on cost alone when you look for care for your pet. 


Some pets are safer in kennels and others happier at home. You need to make the best decision for your important family member. If you have made the incorrect decision this time can be incredibly stressful on your sitter and your pet.




When I visit your home your pet (dog, cat, guinea pig, fish, rabbit/chook and whatever else you own) will be: 


Poop picked up where practical (yard must be clean prior), 

Pats/cuddles/interaction administered frequently or as requested by fur/feathers and scales

Cage or area tidied, 

Brush (for dogs, or cats if they like) 

Play if you leave toys and rotation of toys if required or even without (chasings is always fun)

Medication if required 

A short walk where appropriate for dogs of about 10-20 minutes depending on size of dog and things needed to be done at the home. If you have multiple dogs this may not be feasible. 

If you want your dog to have a longer walk or a walk every single time you should also book in the dog walking service for at least a couple of times in a week out of courtesy to bump up my fee slightly as fees are currently very cheap

Water shells for dogs to in summer can be filled or play with the hose time or whatever added things they need to keep them cool. Often ice is taken around to houses and provided in water bowls or bowls to keep animals cool. This past summer carrot and watermelon was additionally provided with owner permission as it was extremely hot for the animals


Out with the Dogs is extremely reliable. You will receive evidence of our activities together. Please do not expect texts daily especially during peak season as with many bookings this becomes time consuming and takes the focus away from the pets. Some animals are better off in their own home where they feel secure and safe. Please ensure that your dog or cat has a collar and tag if they are outdoors as being involved in scanning lost animals,  it is often so hard to contact owners when pets don't have tags. Please ensure your gates are very secure and that your pet has shelter during heat or storms. Out with the Dogs is not in the position to do additional visits during storms, fireworks, heat and so forth with multiple bookings so if your pet has major anxiety you may need to reconsider your pet minding arrangements. Pets escaping during storms is very scary and added stress for a minder and yourselves as owners who are away on holiday so please consider a more secure environment such as a kennel if this is a possibility. Often there are many pets to feed and it is not manageable to keep going back to one during storm season. 


Some of the animals require strict medication with specific time gaps this can generally be worked around and will be discussed at the meeting and greet. Feel free to write instructions down, it makes everything very clear. Many people have told me they were really anxious until they met me and then they felt very confident leaving their pets while they were away.




Groom or wash your pet (I will give your pet a daily brush) 

Wait around for a dog groomer during my home visit as I am on a strict schedule and experience is that groomers are often late and additionally take more time than I can realistically stay. I can recommend some very reliable groomers who can be trusted

to enter your property and wash your pets and are very experienced 

Maintain your property or house (I will leave the inside of your home as I found it, collect your mail, water a FEW plants, please be realistic) 

Stay for hours -my stay time is 30 minutes. Usually in a visit I will give your dog a 15-20 minute walk, a play, clean up poop, fix up bedding, change water, a brush, a pat, a play in the yard, feed, rotate toys, hide a few treats and leave. Many pets cope with this really well and enjoy my visits. Some of my client’s book in some dog walks to ensure their pets get an extra-long walk or some lengthier visits here and there and I always ensure that I do this. 

Wait for tradespeople etc. because you have organised jobs to be done while you are away. I simply don't have the time and have other clients and dog’s dependant on me.

Pay for vet bills and related costs. Please ensure you or a trusted family member or friend is contactable throughout your time away so that in an emergency vet bills can be covered. If it is an insurance matter this takes time to deal with (to date I have had no issues and only minor vets things. Please note I will collect things from a vet and have had clients organise this over email and the phone with their vets for scripts etc. but it is only practical for me to drive to local vets or deliver your pet to local vets and there may be an additional charge to be organised esp. in peak periods but your pets health and wellbeing is of utmost concern to me of course. 

Repeatedly visit during storms or celebration times of year such as fireworks.

Attend property again and repeatedly because a neighbour has texted you that your dog is barking. This is extremely stressful and pet minders have a very busy schedule and your dog will not be the only pet beng visited.  While your dog is walked/played with/has activities, Out with the Dogs cannot be responsible for keeping your dog quiet. If your dog is unsettled and your neighbours complain then this service may not be for you. Sometimes organising access such as a doggy door into your home, or stimulating back yard activities helps to settle dogs that are left at the property. Or you may try a citronella collar also. I hope all of this helps, feel free to contact me.



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